Help Wanted

Your kids are home all day and now that the newness of school being out has quickly dissipated, they need something to do!

You would probably prefer they get involved in something that teaches responsibility, brings them extra spending money, and gives them some good life experience. What could this possibly be describing?

A summer job!

But where is a safe place for them to work where they will be treated fairly and be able to get hired part-time during the summer? There are, of course, the usual routes: McDonald’s, office work, etc.

OR you could suggest something summery they can do that they might even enjoy!

Lifeguard: Yes, you have to be certified. But, lifeguards get paid quite a bit, they have a very important role, beaches hire during the summer, and your son or daughter will enjoy getting a nice tan!

Fruit-picking: This teaches the lesson of hard work, as you get paid for each bucket that you pick. Slacking off is not an option, the hours are early, and the work is tough, but oh so worth it. Your teen will feel so proud of every dollar truly earned and this job instills determination and hard work. Plus, they won’t be stuck inside on a beautiful day!

Waterpark/Disney: so fun! Another industry that peaks in the summer time! They can operate a ride, monitor a slide, or check people in! This teaches excellent people skills and doesn’t always feel like “work”.

Lawn care: you can make some serious green…while you cut the green! Line up several lawns in the same day! But, don’t overdo it. One young entrepreneur got so ambitious he lined up 10 lawns in the same day! His sunburn went deeper than just one layer of skin.

Babysitting: So many mothers need someone to watch their kids. While daycare provides so much quality for children, if your son or daughter personally knows a family in need of childcare, they may be more inclined to go with someone they know.

Summer tutoring: tutor a friend in your best subject or work at a summer camp for a few weeks! You’ll get free meals, lodging; tons of kids to love on and you get paid to play games. It’s a great opportunity for a teen to take the role of a mentor.