For many businesses, whether starting out or scaling, the primary focus is reaching and capturing new customers. Often this can be difficult for many reasons: not enough time, lack of resources, where to allocate marketing dollars, unclear branding/messaging, and so on.

As an experienced marketer and the founder of Light Up Digital Marketing, I can say with complete certainty that digital marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach customers. If these difficult COVID times have taught businesses anything at all, it is imperative to have multiple ways to connect and communicate with their audience. Without the ability to reach new customers and retain current ones, a business will simply not grow.

It does not matter which stage a business is in, it is always the right time to start building an online presence. Information is key in every decision that is made in relation to a business. An online presence is a major brand asset in many ways; market research, acquiring customers, customer retention, credibility, SEO, recruiting, competitive analysis, etc.

Digital Marketing Benefits

The benefits of digital marketing for businesses are enormous! When comparing traditional marketing to digital marketing, the capabilities are increasingly more in-depth. Marketing online has created opportunities for every business to grow and expand its sales channels in a cost-effective and measurable way.

Even if the online world isn’t where a business mainly acquires new customers, an online presence is still expected. In many ways having an online presence has now become an indication of a brand’s legitimacy. If a business doesn’t have some sort of online activity, it could easily be deemed as unprofessional or a fraud.

At times digital marketing can sound scary, but if you take the time to learn about it or work with an agency that can guide you, you’ll see that a business, no matter how big or small, has a lot of potential to expand.

What to look for in a marketing agency

Unfortunately in my years of partnering with businesses to support them with digital marketing, I have heard about negative experiences with marketing agencies that I hope to help you avoid. Before you hire a marketing agency, be sure to check their online reviews directly on their social media accounts such as Facebook & Google. Often agencies may remove the ability for customers to leave reviews on Facebook this is a red flag. Are they possibly hiding a past client’s experience with the agency?

Another question that should be asked is to see examples of proven strategies and the results, along with the cost and timeframe of said results. Many of our clients receive leads/sales and the cost is different for each one depending on the offer, industry, and AdSpend. Understanding the whole picture is important because every marketing dollar needs to yield an ROI. This can be translated into building an audience, acquiring sales, email opt-ins, and leads from your marketing efforts.

At Light Up Digital Marketing, our focus has and always will be to step alongside brands to support them in leveraging digital marketing to increase visibility and revenue. We do this by asking a lot of questions to understand exactly what the major needs and goals are of the business as a whole. No one business is alike and we treat each one in that way. We do this by crafting a marketing strategy that is designed around the business’s individual goals. We’re 100% dedicated to our brand partners in guiding them through the ever-changing digital world and maximizing every marketing dollar!

Interested in growing a business? Ready to leverage digital marketing? Not sure where to start or if you’re headed in the best direction? Our team is here for you. Schedule your call today at and start scaling today.

Mona Cranor, the founder of Light Up Digital Marketing, looks forward to connecting with you and helping you achieve all that is possible online. Their focus is 100% on supporting you with building a profitable and successful online business presence.