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Traveling? Leave your ‘furbabies’ in good hands!

Tired of feeling guilty every time you go on vacation and leave your furry friend behind?  These days there are many options in local pet daycare, lodging and in-home pet sitting services. The holidays are typical vacation time for most Americans and pet owners start worrying about what to do with their furry companions.
Many hotels cater to pet owners and for a small fee will allow you to bring your furry friend with you. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian and check that all vaccines are up to date and your pet is fit to travel whether is by car or plane.
Pet sitting is a growing service industry and there are several companies serving Polk County. Make sure to ask for recommendations, testimonials, proper licensing and proof of insurance. You may want to use this option if you have multiple pets or need to pick up mail or have your plants watered also. The issue of privacy may deter some pet owners from using this option.
Boarding your pet is an important decision, especially if your pet is elderly or has special medical needs. For example; diabetic pets need personnel trained in proper administration and handling of insulin whereas cardiac patients need trained medical supervision. I recommend you tour several facilities and that you board your pet for a day, well in advance of your vacation. That way you will have the ability to judge the care and your pet’s response. If the facility offers day care, then a day trial will uncover how your pet will react towards attendants, lodging and other dogs. When selecting a facility consider those with a transparent management, where there are cameras and your pet can be visited by other members of your family while you are away. In my practice I’ve incorporated a unique pet lodging area called the World Suites at Orchid Springs Animal Hospital. Your pet will enjoy the personalized attention and care in a luxurious atmosphere. Our one-of-a-kind suites offer many amenities including air conditioned ample suites,moonlight walks, pool time, doggie treadmill, and spa treatments. Puppy cams will give you peace of mind and will make you feel closer to your pet. The reason I designed this level of care is because I wanted a place that will meet my personal standards of pet care for my dogs Puguido & Daisy. Otherwise, I know I will not enjoy my vacation and worry constantly about their wellbeing. For short trips I count on my relatives to check on my pets.
My advice is to plan ahead, check your options and take your pet to your veterinarian for a quick summer checkup. For a peek at the unique World Suites visit us at www.osahvets.com

By: Dr. Mitsie Vargasorchid-springs-world-suites